Prefabricated Accommodation Pods for Auckland University Student Accomodation

Assembly, together with Dunning Thornton Consulting Engineers and Motm Architects Ltd with Stanley Group Ltd delivered 500 volumetric units for the Auckland University Student Accommodation Project.  Each module is a student accommodation “pod” which comes complete with bed, wardrobe, desk, pinboard and all services fully completed and wrapped in Matamata and delivered to site for installation into the concrete core (base building designed by Warren and Mahoney.)  Justin from Assembly and Earl from Motm have together spoken about this project at the The PrefabNZ Behind-the-Scenes Tour  on Thursday 10th February 2011 at the University of Auckland’s Engineering School. One hundred and twenty people attended to learn more about the Student Accommodation Project and other current prefab projects in industry and acdemia.

Assembly Architects Limited is a member of Prefab NZ.  For the prefab or modular model we have typically provided service directly to Stanley Group in a design/ build arrangement and work closely with Dunning Thornton Consultants and Motm Architects Ltd.

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